May you find a penny today! Why? Engraved on every penny is a prayer: “In God We Trust.” Lost your job? Find a penny and pray, “God, I’m trusting you for a better job.” Looking for a spouse? Pray your pennies! (One lady prayed her found pennies and is happily married today!) Afraid of the future? Pray “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Penny Prayers: True Stories of Change is a collection of stories about how the humble penny and the words–In God We Trust–change lives. You’ll hear “cent-sational” testimonies 823923from a folk artist, a writer, and even a nun. So pray your pennies. It not only makes “cents”–it’s right on the money!

I had a commissioned work assignment and said a prayer on the way that it would go well. I pulled into a parking space, opened my door, and directly beneath me was a penny! God answered my prayer (and He knew exactly where I would park). Thanks to your book I think about Our Lord more often.–Dale / Wichita, Kansas