A Penny Found, A Prayer Answered

one-cent-1239926-1600x1200 copy
freeimages.com / Penny Mathews

A penny is a penny, right? Not if you’re a penny pray-er or a penny finder!

For many people, finding a penny means saying a prayer. They turn the words “In God We Trust” on the coin into a personal plea for divine help. Other people who say a prayer and then find a penny believe the found penny is more than “coin-cidence.” It’s a sign from above that all will be well.

It was no “coin-cidence” that Edward, a professional sports photographer in Kansas, found a penny before a big photo shoot. Here’s his story:

One Saturday, I had a photo shoot of new inductees into Wichita State University’s Sports Hall of Fame, a really big event for the university. I was a little nervous because my best camera was in the shop getting repaired and because I was the only photographer covering the event. I said my prayers on the way and hoped for the best.

The event was being held in a very large convention room at a Wichita hotel, and I arrived about an hour before it started. After taking some test shots, I decided to set my camera equipment down for a while. I randomly selected a low-traffic place out of the way, and as I was setting my equipment down, I saw a penny on the carpet right in front of me!

I picked it up and smiled. God is everywhere–even on a penny–letting us know that he hears and answers our prayers. The event went well, and I got the photos I needed without any problems.

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