Paradise Found

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Heavens to Betsy, getting to Paradise is easier than most people think. Paradise on earth, that is.

Paradise certainly wasn’t lost in Florida. For starters, Florida has a plain Paradise, the old-fashioned kind that doesn’t promise anything more than heaven on earth. If that’s not paradisaical enough, there’s Paradise Bay, Paradise Beach, Paradise Island, Paradise Palms, or Paradise Point, to name a few.

Another Paradise Point beckons up the coast in North Carolina. Meanwhile, there’s Paradise Falls, Pennsylvania, and Paradise Hill, Oklahoma. Every day is a heavenly day in Paradise Manor, Louisiana.

In Michigan, Paradise really does freeze over in the winter, but so does her sister to the south—Hell. Paradise boasts 411 residents to Hell’s 266, thank heavens.

For peace in Paradise, nothing beats Harmony. There’s Harmony in Minnesota, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin, not to mention Harmony Hills, Tennessee, or Harmonyville, Vermont. It even sounds harmonious in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.

It may not be seventh heaven, but when the saints go marching in, they have their choice of Heavener, Oklahoma; Heavener Grove, West Virginia; and Heavenly Valley, New York. Even the weakest of soles can ascend to Heaven Heights in Massachusetts—it’s barely 70 feet above sea level.

Speaking of saints, St. Augustine, Florida, may be the country’s oldest city; St. Cloud, Minnesota, one of the most nebulous. St. Louis is king in Missouri, and San Antonio stands guard over southern Texas. The most revered saint-city of all? St. Peter, Minnesota, the keeper of the gates—to Paradise!

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