The Power of a Penny

money-matters-1173114 copy / Sufi Nawaz

What does a penny buy these days? Penny gumball machines disappeared years ago. A penny for my thoughts? As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!” Pennies—the nonsensical change we get when something costs 99 cents and not a dollar. So, what good is a penny? It has the power to answer prayer!

Engraved on every penny are the words “In God We Trust.” Lost your job? Find a penny and pray, “Lord, I’m trusting in you for a better job.” Looking for a spouse? Pray your pennies! (One woman prayed her found pennies for a godly husband and is happily married today.) Afraid of the future? Pray “Jesus, I trust in you.”

“Find a penny, say a prayer,” I like to say. But there’s much more to the humble penny; it’s loaded with spiritual insights. Consider these “magnifi-cent” gems:

Put God first. It’s no coincidence the words “In God We Trust”—our national motto—are engraved over Lincoln’s head. God is God over all! The Good Book tells us not to worry about what we’ll eat or drink or wear (in modern society, we might add mortgage payments and medical bills). We are to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given us. What a deal! Put God first and he takes care of the rest.

Be strong. Whenever you find yourself on edge, remember the round penny. It doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Just like God’s love, it goes forever. What’s putting you on edge? Stressing you out? Your job? The kids? Deadlines? When we pray about our edges, we’re asking God to infuse our weaknesses with his strength, to help us be strong. There’s no edge too powerful for God. You can count on him.

Look ahead. Have you noticed Lincoln’s face on the penny? He’s looking ahead to the future, not behind him at the past. When we find a penny, it’s always in front of us or besides us, never behind us—just like the Lord. Sometimes, the Lord is walking before us to prepare our way. Other times, he’s walking besides us as we make our way.

823923A penny saved is a penny earned, but a penny prayed is a prayer answered. So, pray your pennies. It not only makes perfect “cents,” it’s right on the money!


For more about praying the penny, read Penny Prayers: True Stories of Change. It’s filled with testimonies about how finding a penny and praying “In God We Trust” changed lives, sometimes in very “penny-nomenal” ways!

Copyright © 2017 Marion Amberg

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