The House on Your Back

snail-1-1454341 copy / A. Carlos Herrera

Snails are fascinating. They travel through life with a house on their back. They don’t accumulate, and they don’t try to impress fellow snails with “my house is bigger than your house.”

One day I saw a snail and began thinking about a snail’s life. What would it be like to carry my house on my back? What would I use for a house? That’s easy! I already carry a backpack stuffed to the zippers with books and whatnot. I’ll empty it out and stuff it with my most prized stuff. But what stuff?

Not clothes. The snail doesn’t carry a wardrobe, so why should snail me? Give me a pair of blue jeans, a red top, and red sneakers and I’d be happy for life. Clothes might make the man but not a snail.

I thought about photo albums. Would I take them? No, I reasoned, I’ll carry the people and events in my memory. If the day comes when my memory is shot, I won’t remember the people in the photos, anyway.

What do I take? Not clothes. Not photo albums. Not my published articles or books. What then? The things of my trade that make my life sing: a laptop, a camera, and the Good Book. If your life sings, then you’ve got everything!

Now if I can get my snail feet to move a tad faster. I have places to go and things to see!

Copyright © 2017 Marion Amberg

2 thoughts on “The House on Your Back

  1. Guy hears a scratching at his front door. Opens door, no one there. Looks down; on welcome mat is snail. Picks up snail, throws it across the street into the woodsy area. One year later, guy hears scratching on door again. Opens door, there’s snail again. Snail says, “So what was THAT all about?”

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