Find a Penny, Say a Prayer!


May you find a penny today! Why? Engraved on every penny is a prayer: “In God We Trust.” Lost your job? Find a penny and pray, “God, I’m trusting you for a better job.” Looking for a spouse? Pray your pennies! (One lady prayed her found pennies and is happily married today.) Afraid of the future? Pray “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Penny Prayers: True Stories of Change is a collection of stories about how the humble penny and the words–In God We Trust–change lives. You’ll hear “cent-sational” testimonies from a folk artist, a writer, and even a nun. So pray your pennies. It not only makes “cents”–it’s right on the money!

I had a commissioned work assignment and said a prayer on the way that it would go well. I pulled into a parking space, opened my door, and directly beneath me was a penny! God answered my prayer (and He knew exactly where I would park). Thanks to your book I think about Our Lord more often. – Dale / Wichita, Kansas


Each story is inspiring, faith building, and encourages the reader to pray the words “God, I trust in you.” “In God We Trust” is the motto of the United States. It is printed on all U.S. money. Will you pray “God, I Trust In You” each time you find a penny? – Cheryl Dawson, author My Prayer and Faith Journal

Join the penny prayer movement … order your copy today!


2 thoughts on “Find a Penny, Say a Prayer!

  1. Robin Mitschele

    I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful story you shared on facebook about my grandson Caleb and his foundation…Pennies from Heaven. This little boy touched the hearts of everyone he met in the 2 1/2 short years he was with us and it continues to amaze me to see the hearts he is still touching today….10 years after we said good bye to him…And knowing your story is being shared by so many people helps us keep the memory of this beautiful special little boy alive so thank you for the article in your penny prayers book and the one you just recently posted….

    Heartfelt appreciation,

    Robin Mitschele
    Caleb’s Gia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Robin,

      Thank you for your kind words. When I was writing the Penny Prayers book, Caleb’s story just landed in my lap … like pennies from heaven! It has been a great honor to tell Caleb’s story and to promote the foundation. I wish Nichole and the foundation great success, and may multitudes of families be helped in the years to come.



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